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Calwine's Visit to Barcelona Wine Week: Strengthening Bonds and Forging New Partnerships

Dear Wine Enthusiasts,

In the world of wine, every bottle is a narrative waiting to be told, and every sip is a journey through culture and terroir. For those who savor life's finer moments, Barcelona Wine Week is an eagerly awaited event on the calendar. This year, we bring you thrilling news: Calwine, the distinguished Swedish wine importer, will be gracing Barcelona Wine Week with its presence. Their mission? To rekindle existing partnerships and foster new connections with fellow wine aficionados.

A Trusted Partner in the World of Wine

Calwine, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and its dedication to Systembolaget's sustainability program, has been a steadfast ally to winemakers in Sweden for years. We have meticulously sourced and imported wines from renowned wine regions across the globe, opening a world of exquisite flavors to our discerning customers.

Strengthening Existing Partnerships

At Calwine, we deeply understand the importance of nurturing relationships with our current partners. Barcelona Wine Week offers the perfect stage for face-to-face meetings with the wineries and producers we've had the privilege to collaborate with in the past. It's an opportunity to share experiences, discuss new offerings, and ensure that our partnerships remain as vibrant and fruitful as ever.

Forging New Connections

While we hold our existing partnerships in high regard, we are also eager to explore uncharted territory and diversify our portfolio. Barcelona Wine Week isn't just a platform for showcasing exceptional wines; it's a bustling hub of networking and discovery. Calwine is thrilled to connect with potential new partners, whether they be wineries, distributors, or passionate wine enthusiasts who share our devotion to extraordinary wines.

Stay Updated with Calwine's Offerings

To keep everyone well-informed about the exciting opportunities and partnerships unveiled at Barcelona Wine Week, we invite you to visit our website, There, you will find a wealth of information about our business philosophy, along with the latest updates on Systembolaget's open and upcoming tenders. Calwine extends a warm invitation to explore our website and delve into the captivating world of wine that we are eager to present.

Join Calwine at Barcelona Wine Week

If you'll be attending Barcelona Wine Week, we encourage you to seek out the Calwine team. You'll have the chance to discover our unique approach to the world of wine. Whether you're an existing partner looking to rekindle the connection or a potential collaborator intrigued by the possibilities, we are here to engage, discuss, and explore the world of wine together.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're here to connect and explore new horizons with you.

Here's to toasting to new and enduring partnerships!


Warm regards,


Ole Frantzen

Calwine Team

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