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Welcome to Our Tender Page

Explore the opportunities! Our tender page is your gateway to a wealth of information on ongoing and upcoming tenders. Open to all wine producers and brokers, whether or not you have an existing partner in Sweden. The process is simple — apply for access, and you'll gain entry to comprehensive details essential for participation.

Who Can Apply?

-Wine Producers: If you craft exceptional wines, this is your platform.

- Wine Brokers: For those connecting quality wines with the right markets.

Our Only Ask

In return for this valuable access, we kindly request permission to contact you. Why? Because we believe in fostering meaningful connections. By allowing us to reach out, you open the door to potential collaborations and projects that align with your expertise and interests.

Join us in shaping the future of wine distribution in Sweden. Apply for access today!


Partnership and Prosperity

We believe in more than just business transactions. We believe in shared ownership, collaborative decision-making, and the mutual growth that arises from it. When you partner with us, you're not just a part of our journey, you're a stakeholder in our success.

Expertise in Harmony

In the realm of wine, our partners are the true artisans, masters of their craft. Meanwhile, we specialize in decoding the nuances of the Swedish alcohol market. Together, we converge towards a shared mission: to present offerings that not only meet but surpass stakeholder expectations.



Fueled by Passion

Passion is our propellant, infusing vigor, and purpose into every endeavor. Together, we're not just shaping the wine industry; we're redefining it.

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Building Relationships, Not Transactions

For us, it's not just about procuring wine; it's about nurturing enduring relationships. Every partnership is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Efficiency in Every Solution

Bound by a common goal, we tirelessly seek the most effective and streamlined solutions. This journey is marked by transparency, a cornerstone that aligns our collective vision of success.

Beer Maker

Crafting Every Detail

From refining pricing strategies to curating perfect flavor profiles, our collaboration ensures a comprehensive approach. We dive deep into every facet, leaving no stone unturned.


Welcome to Calwine: Your Gateway to the Swedish Wine Market

Calwine stands as a sibling to Ward Wines, an esteemed premium importer in Sweden, both operating under the umbrella of Combibo. At the helm of this enterprise is Combibo, a parent company dedicated to central operations, overseeing the ventures of Calwine and Ward Wines.

In the vibrant landscape of the Swedish market, Systembolaget assumes a pivotal role. They wield the authority to curate the selection of products, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and a keen eye on minimizing carbon footprint, all while maintaining competitive pricing. In light of these evolving conditions, our group is embarking on a journey to uncover new pathways to growth.

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