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Welcome to Calwine: Your Gateway to the Swedish Wine Market

Calwine stands as a sibling to Ward Wines, an esteemed premium importer in Sweden, both operating under the umbrella of Combibo. At the helm of this enterprise is Combibo, a parent company dedicated to central operations, overseeing the ventures of Calwine and Ward Wines.

In the vibrant landscape of the Swedish market, Systembolaget assumes a pivotal role. They wield the authority to curate the selection of products, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and a keen eye on minimizing carbon footprint, all while maintaining competitive pricing. In light of these evolving conditions, our group is embarking on a journey to uncover new pathways to growth.


Legacy and Expertise in Wine and Spirits Importation in Sweden


Legacy and Expertise in Wine and Spirits Importation in Sweden


Drawing from a legacy established over years, we stand as an important force with great experience in importing and distributing wine and spirits within the Swedish market. Our deep understanding of consumer dynamics, coupled with a large understanding of the Swedish alcohol market - where Systembolaget plays a pivotal role - positions us as a steadfast and strategic partner.



Ole Frantzen

+46 70-919 53 27


Jan Thorén

+46 70-584 55 52


Peter Lundvall

+46 70-314 39 14


Björn Svensson

+46 70-533 07 95


Crafting Tailored Experiences

With a detailed study of consumer preferences and a deep insight into Systembolaget's requisites and anticipations, we curate our selection to transcend mere satisfaction. This devotion has fostered resolute customer loyalty and protects our firm presence in the market.

Navigating Regulatory Complexities

The intricate regulatory terrain surrounding the Swedish alcohol market is a challenge, but an inherent part of our identity. Our commitment to compliance isn't just a duty, it's a reflection of our unwavering philosophy. Long-standing relationships with regulatory bodies reinforce the base of trust and stability within our partnerships.

Pioneering Imports and Streamlined Distribution

Forged through stable collaborations with globally renowned producers and a well-built distribution network, we ensure an uninterrupted and dependable supply chain. This empowers us to effectively manage our offerings with agility and precision.

Sustainability at Our Core, Ethics in Our Trade

At our core lies an solid commitment to sustainability and ethical trade practices. Our associations with producers who share our vision of conscientious production and consumption are pivotal to our long-term sustainability strategy.

With an determined focus on quality, ethics, transparency, and unwavering customer satisfaction, we proudly stand as a reliable and cherished partner in the dynamic and exacting landscape that defines the wine and spirits industry.

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