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Discover Your Opportunity

At Calwine, we are your gateway to the vibrant world of tenders at Systembolaget. We not only publish almost all tenders promptly but also keep you informed about upcoming opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead in the game. Our commitment is to transparency, personal interaction, and the success of our project partners.

Tender Periods:

We operate within four main tender periods, each strategically planned to align with market dynamics:

-Launch March: Published in June of the preceding year

-Launch June: Published in September of the preceding year.

-Launch September: Published in December of the preceding year.

-Launch December: Published in March of the preceding year.

About Tenders:

How We Work:

Our belief in personal interaction is rooted in the understanding that you, as a producer, hold invaluable insights into your wine. We, as experts in the Swedish market and Systembolaget, are committed to dialogue and face-to-face meetings with all our project partners.


Bottling Solutions:
Calwine offers assistance with bottling in projects where your wine aligns with the tender but faces challenges in packaging, such as aluminum cans or Tetra. We provide tailored bottling solutions to ensure your product meets Systembolaget's requirements seamlessly.


Brand Integrity:
Honesty on the label is ingrained in our DNA. While we prefer working with your brand, we acknowledge situations where it might not be possible. In such cases, we can use our own brand, maintaining transparency and integrity.

Our Process:

- Decision to Enter: If we decide to enter a tender together, we become your support system. We assist in matching taste profiles, provide necessary application information, and ensure you meet deadlines.

- Bulk Tender Support: For bulk tenders, we create a project timeline, offering direct assistance if we secure the tender.

Introduction to Reading Tenders:

- Systembolaget's Reference Number: Found in the headline, this universal number aids all importers in Sweden.

- Tender Description and Classification: A, B, or C classification helps you allocate time effectively, with A-tenders deserving extra attention.

- Region: Clearly defined regions, and if it says "Must be stated," it's open for participation across all regions.

- Grapes, Vintage, and Product Type: Detailed information available upon login.

- Start Date: Proactive discussions are encouraged if the tender is in the future, while technical questions are answered once published.

- Price and Bulk Price: Log in to view the indicative EXW price, subject to quality and exchange rate variations.

- Volume: Systembolaget states a minimum volume for participation, considering various influencing factors.

- Deadline: The final day for submitting offers to Systembolaget, emphasizing the importance of timely submissions.

- Launch Date: When the product becomes available to consumers.

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